Gran Canaria

Striped over-shoulder shirt - Mango
Swimsuit - Missguided

A few weeks back I flew to Gran Canaria for a week. It was just what I needed, as I was on the brink of a burn out due to countless days in the library. (A few more days in the library and I would have pulled a Britney 2007). Of course, I still had to write my thesis, but it was a lot nicer writing it by the poolside rather than in the dark and cold Finland. We stayed in Puerto Rico (de Gran Canaria) but for one day we also visited Las Palmas. It is interesting how the two places could have such a difference in temperature. In Las Palmas it was considerably colder, which is weird considering that the cities are just an hour apart by bus. Hence, if you consider travelling to Gran Canaria I warmly (hehe) recommend staying on the south coast of the island. In my (very expert) opinion the mountains block the wind, which is why it is a lot warmer in Puerto Rico compared to Las Palmas. 

On a side note, when I mean 'cold' I mean 15 degrees celsius. For someone coming from Finland, it was funny to see the locals treating the weather like it was 10 degrees less with their winter coats and sweaters. Even the Christmas decorations were still up. I on the other hand clearly didn't get the memo, as I arrived in a denim skirt and a tee. Talk about how to spot a tourist.

Our accommodation was full of retired people (it was my grandma's choice). Fortunately, I very quickly assimilated into the old person lifestyle (I know, I'm acting like it was hard but actually it is my lifestyle.) Everyday my twin and I got up at 7 or 8 in the morning and went for a run, after which I wrote my thesis by the pool. At night we went for dinner and by 11 at night my sister and I were both fast asleep. I am pretty sure that the retired people went out more than we did. Yet, it was exactly what I needed and by the end of the week I was fully rested (despite working on my thesis everyday) and even in an ok shape (and tan, which is now gone by the way). 

If you are more adventurous and get shivers of disgust from my inactive vacation, do not worry. The island offers a lot more, such as shark spotting, canoeing, and even mountain climbing. Also, if you are some kind of tomato freak, according to my taxi driver the land is full of tomatoes. Trust me I know. The taxi driver took it upon himself to point out every patch of land growing tomatoes from Puerto Rico to the airport. It was in fact quite awkward, as I still had tears in my eyes from saying goodbye to my twin. The taxi driver must have thought I was super into tomatoes. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my lengthy ramble about old people and tomatoes. Write to you soon!


Geneva, Switzerland

My trip to Geneva was mainly for work, which accounts for such a poor quality for the pictures (and the fact that most are taken after dark). Still, in such a short time span Geneva was able to amaze me. The city is full of important international organisations (for example, the EU department of the UN, of which we in fact got a private tour through a friend). Moreover, like any central european country, the weather could change in a blink of an eye. In one moment it would be a snow blizzard outside and in another the weather would suddenly turn into sunshine and blue skies. Most of my time was spent in the Nacion area, as that is where I worked. However, I was able to briefly visit the shopping street and the old town as well and both left me impressed. Geneva is quite small for a city and in just a few days I was able to become familiar with the tram system. I'd recommend the city for a 4-day get-away trip. One tip: Do not leave this city before dipping some bread into a cheese fondue.