Italian Diaries vol. I

"In the valley beneath where, white and wide
And washed by the morning water-gold,
Florence lay out on the mountain-side."
Robert Browning

As stated by Browning, Florence is a beautiful small city shielded by mountains. More so, it is the mecca of art and renaissance. In Florence the history follows you everyday and you can feel that some of the greatest artists of the past have breathed the same air of the dusty roads and old chapels. You don't just witness the remnants of history, but you become a part of the history. How could I not have fallen in love at first sight? The last picture is from outside the city from the Tuscan countryside. I wanted to include it because the flowers in my hair express my newfound freedom. Hopefully you will read about my Italian adventures soon.

Kiss Kiss,

P.s. Can we just hold a moment of silence in honor of Italian food? 

Las Dos Outfits

Sweater - Zara
Choker necklace - H&M 
Belt - Mango

Shirt - Bershka
Glasses - Zara
Jeans - Acne

Geneva, Switzerland

My trip to Geneva was mainly for work, which accounts for such a poor quality for the pictures (and the fact that most are taken after dark). Still, in such a short time span Geneva was able to amaze me. The city is full of important international organisations (for example, the EU department of the UN, of which we in fact got a private tour through a friend). Moreover, like any central european country, the weather could change in a blink of an eye. In one moment it would be a snow blizzard outside and in another the weather would suddenly turn into sunshine and blue skies. Most of my time was spent in the Nacion area, as that is where I worked. However, I was able to briefly visit the shopping street and the old town as well and both left me impressed. Geneva is quite small for a city and in just a few days I was able to become familiar with the tram system. I'd recommend the city for a 4-day get-away trip. One tip: Do not leave this city before dipping some bread into a cheese fondue. 



Paris Haute Couture Week According to Instagram

Hello my darlings! I cannot be the only one whose instagram has been invaded by the most beautiful sequins and intricate, dazzling embellishments. You know what that means? Yes that's right, it's Paris Haute Couture week! I have been quite busy these days with work and my thesis, but I thought it would still be fun to gather my favorites of the week 'as told by instagram'. (Seriously, I wish I could record my posts in audio format because now you are missing out on the Ryan Seacrest  impersonation I'm doing in my head while writing this.) 

Well, without further a do, let's get on with it!


Ellie Saab was my ultimate favorite of the couture week. I have already picked out a wedding dress for myself and my bridesmaids dresses for my friends' weddings. (I have suddenly become very interested in buying lottery tickets...) When you see these dresses you will understand why I am so desperate to get my hands on them. Also let us please all pray that pom pom sleeves become a real trend and us mortals can wear them too. Amen.

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Oh, Chanel. Chanel is the epitome of couture and I just knew that Chanel would not let me down. Get ready to 'ooh' and 'aah'. Also one can simply not leave out the iconic dress of Lily Rose Depp. Also, guys, if Chanel did pom pom sleeves too, I think we may have some hope here...  

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One could not help but notice Dior this week, as Dior kicked things off with the amazing Dior Ball, that everyone worth mentioning attended. This year Dior took a step towards fantasy with the beautiful theme of an enchanted forest. Floaty nudes were mixed into strong floral designs and black silhouettes, weaving together a beautiful couture collection.

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If the nature had a queen, she would no doubt wear Georges Hobeika. Hey, Georges, where can I sign up to be your flower queen? 

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A photo posted by The Catwalk Italia - TCI (@thecatwalkitalia) on

A photo posted by The Catwalk Italia - TCI (@thecatwalkitalia) on


Oh, ruffle! The victorian barbie goes couture queen. If I was a rich house wife, I would float around my mansion in Giambattista Valli all day, sipping my 'just right' margarita. Maybe I would also take a ride on my horse to see the train of ruffles and color explode behind me as the wind would get caught on my dress.  Note that this was also Olivia Palermo's favorite. 

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